5 Apps to have on your phone: Part Two

Thinking about letting ‘em wings out again? Domestic or International, you’ve got a pretty powerful device in your pocket (or in your hand right now) that can do a lot for you.

Let your trusty pocket computer ride shotgun, where it can make sure you hit fewer roadblocks.

This list covers the off-beat – but incredibly useful – apps that you should download, sign in and know how to use, before you lift off. For a simpler list of must have you can head to Part One – HERE

Here we go:


For most people, packing is such a drag. Retaining a packing list in your brain? Even more. This neat little app recommends a packing list for your trip – just enter the destination you’re headed to, date and length of the trip – and if want to do a specific activity there (like photography or hiking), and you have your list! You can always tweak the list to suit your personal preferences: because obviously you’ll have personal preferences. No more “Am I forgetting something?” (Well, less of it.) Just check the app!


Yes, this app books flight tickets like any other flight booking app, but the part where it scores brownie points, is that it also tells you when to book it, and how to get the best price for what you’re booking. Once you’ve searched for a flight to a specific destination, the app will tell you if it’s best to book it right now or wait – and will send you a notification when the price drops. Even more – for the flexible ones – you can put in a range of dates and the time when you want to be there, therefore getting the best results in your own time frame. Think of an upgraded ticketing agent – always available, just without the hassles (and shady sneers).


Getting to some place afar can be a task. Think: Getting through a combination of taxis, subways and flights, and coordinating the times for all of them with each other AND figuring out the cost. What should you do now? Hint: Download Rome2Rio. Fire it up, enter your location and the destination – and armed with route information from over 4,800 transport operators in over 158 countries – this app instantly charts up the course for you. Taxis, subways, buses, flights, driving options – it’s all there with the prices, distance and the average travel time. Suddenly sounds simple, innit?

Around Me

Looking for ATMs? Bars? Coffee? Pharmacies? Or anything specific? This app has your back. Just select your location on the app (or let the satellites find you), choose or type what you’re looking for – and done. You have your list! Click on the suitable option, and you see the location, contact information, timings and Google reviews – all in one place. Simple, but efficient.

Google Translate

Given Google’s presence in every nook and cranny, one of its minions had to be here too. And Google Translate is probably the next best thing to learning the dialect of the place you’re visiting, and making yourself understood. This app supports real-time translation of upto 103 languages – pronouncing them correctly for you, translate the written word with your phone’s camera – this app does it all. What’s more, you can even download a language for times when you’ve got no coverage – so even a random No Hablo Ingles! shouldn’t be a problem.

Bonus: Flush (Because, Bodily Functions.)

Have to answer nature’s call? Need to see a man about a horse?Stuck somewhere and you reaalllly needed to go with no place in sight? (I can go on and on) Well, this nifty little app will help ease the pressure. And looking for a place to let it go is as simple as firing up this app – it locates where you are and tells you where the nearest public restrooms are.

This list also has a part one – a list covering apps which some (ahem, I) would say you should have on you irrespective. So here’s Part One

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