7 Days London Travel Itinerary – Your Ultimate Guide to Revel in the Best of London!

About the post: Just the mention of London brings an exciting vibe while planning for a trip. Its treasure trove of scenic grandeur, artistic marvels, culinary diversity, and extravagant trails of history makes it a must-have in anyone’s travel bucket list. And this wholesome guide is the best London travel itinerary to explore this glorious city and it’s lesser-known yet extremely stunning countryside!

Here’s the thing about London in winter – a cup of warm coffee in serene cafes, thrilling canals, glittering decked-up streets for New Year’s Eve, and an easy-going charm of the country-side clubbed with the exciting edginess that makes this city so much special! So, I visited London in December 2019 with my best friends Kritika & Shivesh and if you follow me on Instagram it’s no longer a secret that we three went off-the-beaten-path and discovered a number of hidden gems in our trip of 10 days. And this post is the guidebook for you to marvel at the beauty of London and countless tales about the local culture ditching all the cliche! Presenting to you, London I love…

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Day 1: Touchdown and a tour around Tower Bridge

You can kick-start your tourist-y expedition in London with the iconic Tower Bridge and head into the Victorian engine rooms, where you can experience the working of the motor-based operation of the bridge during its inauguration. Stop till dusk to see the bridge beautifully lit-up that in return will let you click some lit pictures 🙂

Kickstarting the trip at Tower Bridge!Kickstarting the trip at Tower Bridge!

Day 2: Tower of London, National Gallery, and Buckingham Palace

It’s time to explore one of the world’s most talked-about castles and immerse yourself in the history of Britain at the Tower of London. You can also discover how the British coronation ceremony employs specific royal gems and the symbolism of each of them.

Then drive to witness the world’s best collections of Western European Art that houses about 2300 paintings! Sounds crazy, right? End the day with a visit to massive Buckingham Palace which serves as a mesmerizing reminder of the monarch’s prevailing significance in the British culture.

82598386_1482638075221326_3880059094916524129_n.jpgBeing tourist-y on the streets of London!

Day 3: St. James Park, Big Ben & National Portrait Gallery

The most pleasurable green space in one’s London travel itinerary has to be St.James Park. This oldest royal park offers a vast lawn, trees, and playground around a massive pond full of heavenly ducks, geese, swans, and pelicans as well! Visiting London is completely incomplete if you don’t take a tour of Big Ben, an icon that represents the splendor of Great Britain. And when it’s lit up at dusk, Big Ben is the most photogenic monument one can ever spot!

78836273_161295791765737_3168977816275015065_n.jpgSpreading love at St.James Park!

It’s time to hit the awe-inspiring National Portrait Gallery that preserves about 10000 notable portraits of exemplary British personalities and that of William Shakespeare is the most renowned among others.

Day 4: A Day-Out at Mudchute Park & Farm

Tired of mayhem & chaos while hopping from one spot to another amidst city jostle in London? Close to London’s banking district, Mudchute Park and Farm makes you feel like you’re soaking in the truest essence of the English countryside. Built across the 32 acres of grassland, this is one of the largest city farms in London. It shelters about 200 animals including pigs, ships, ducks, horses, and even Llamas! Can you believe that? Nuzzling against feathery and furry creatures with the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf in the backdrop seems so much surreal! That’s why you should visit this London’s best-kept secret no matter what.

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Day 5: Houses of Parliament & Westminster Abbey

You get a chance to watch legislators at the Houses of Parliament debating that too for free. How cool is that! If you visit on a Saturday or during the summer recess, you can even take a guided tour of the building to gain comprehensive knowledge about the British Parliamentary procedure.

The 700-year-old monument of Westminster Abbey has the most amazing intricate architectural details, stained-glass windows, tapestries, sculptures, and flying buttresses. After walking around the abbey, you can spend some time & unwind in Poet’s Corner where poets & writers like Rudyard Kipling and Charles Dickens were buried.

82960491_163642638270868_7981797132053086688_n.jpgPosing with vintage booths – Check!

Day 6: Harrods and Convent Garden

If you’re a fan of the concept of shop-till-you-drop, Harrods is the most entertaining spot for you! It’s Europe’s largest departmental store boasting its motto of Omnia OmnibusUbique – All Things for All People, Everywhere! Foodies, don’t be upset! If you wander through food halls you’ll discover unusual produce and meats that you can enjoy at one of the eateries.

Head to Convent Garden to explore London’s liveliest streets. Its collection of cafes & restaurants offers a global range of cuisines and there are diverse shopping places too. You can also find enormous amusement from the street performers & magicians!

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Day 7: Hyde Park & Churchill War Rooms

One place that has to offer endless enjoyment no matter the season is the ethereal Hyde Park. The lush green surroundings, vibrant butterflies flying around and magical wildfowl visit in winter make this spot an unskippable one! You mustn’t miss the adventure of navigating the Serpentine lake by row/pedal boats.

Are you keen to understand how Winston Churchill and his troops directed the British war? You’ll be flabbergasted to learn all the history related to it at Churchill War Rooms! The books, color-coded telephones, and desk documents in the Map room will teleport you to the era of WWII.

realize our actions will have consequences and most importantly, travel by respecting the environment.(9).png

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