Indians To Pay SD Fee From July – Drop Everything & Plan Your Bhutan Trip Right Now

BHUTAN – the ultimate picturesque tourist destination for global nomads puts a stop to a free entry in the country for Indian Passport holders. Country’s National Assembly passed a decision as a ‘Tourism Levy and Exemption Bill of Bhutan 2020’.

Toppled by the beauty of Paro, BhutanToppled by the beauty of Paro, Bhutan

The policy states all the tourists traveling to Bhutan from India, Maldives & Bangladesh, will need to pay an amount of INR 1200 (17 USD) for each day of the stay from July 2020. And it’s termed as ‘Sustainable Development Fee’ that will aid the Bhutanese government stands the rising wave of tourism. Kids from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives under the age of 5 are exempted from the SD fee but kids who are 6-13 years old will be charged INR 600 on a regular basis. Other foreign tourists from all over the world except the above mentioned three countries, have to pay 65 USD daily and a lumpsum ‘Cover Charge’ of 250 USD per day.

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It is seen that the tourists are more inclined to explore the western section of the country while the eastern face remains quite untouched. To deal with this propensity among the travelers, the Bhutanese government has taken a decision to lift the SDF for tourists traveling to 11 of 20 districts that lie in the east from Trongsa to Trashigang. If you are planning to visit Bhutan and even that happens to be after July, you won’t regret paying the money. The resplendence of Bhutan won’t really disappoint you and I vouch for that!

Balancing in a Suspension Bridge at Punakha, BhutanBalancing in a Suspension Bridge at Punakha, Bhutan

The concept of the SDF is grounded by the expectation that it will facilitate regional tourists. The levy of SDF to those regional tourists will cinch an ostentatious traveling experience to the overseas trippers. Bhutan welcomed 200,000 visitors from India, Maldives, and Bangladesh in 2018 that is 10% more than it received in 2017. This anomalous turn of events induced fear in government officials that it might hit the unique Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan in a malicious way. Kudos to Bhutan, for introducing a beneficial policy to protect the environment & cultural opulence that also promises high-end tourism and a sustainable one as well.

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Do you think Bhutan is ahead of other countries to understand the urgency to preserve nature and ecology? Ventilate your opinion in the comments section below!

realize our actions will have consequences and most importantly, travel by respecting the environment.(17).png

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