Five Best Travel Sunscreens that you can’t do without!

Sun damage increases the chance of skin ageing by 80%. That is a fact.Apart from ageing, sun exposure can result in skin cancer as well. But these are the long term hazards of skipping sun protection.

On a short term basis, you can end up with a pretty nasty sunburn on your holiday if you’re not careful about sun protection. I mean, think about it, guys: do you want to spend your holiday wincing in pain, sporting angry, red and inflammed skin instead of having fun?

No, right?

Prevention is always better than cure and as far as sunscreens are concerned, I’ve got some pretty great, tried and true options lined up for you! Read on to know which sunscreens I turn to (especially while travelling!).

Lotus Herbals UV Screen Matte Gel PA +++ SPF 50

This one right here is an absolute godsend for people with oily skin. It has a light, gel texture that dries completely matte, without leaving any of the dreaded white cast. It is quite soothing and cooling on the skin and I reach for it all the time, especially on beach vacations!

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Plum SPF 50 Sheer Matte Day Cream

Another good option for those with oily skin, this sunscreen also dries completely matte, without leaving any greasiness on your skin. Apart from sun protection, this also boasts of antioxidants in its formula (white tea) which helps protect and repair the skin from oxidative damage.

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Lotus Herbals 3 in 1 Matte Sunblock PA +++ SPF 40

If you are looking for a little tint in your sunscreen that evens out your skin tone whilst giving you sun protection, this sunscreen is brilliant! On holidays, I use this sunscreen instead of foundation or tinted moisturizers to protect my skin. A smidge of concealer under the eyes and my base is sorted!

Click Here to buy: Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock SPF-40, 100g

Episoft AC Moisturizer with Microencapsulated Sunscreen SPF 30

When my skin is craving a little more moisture from my sun protection (especially when I visit colder places), I turn to this sunscreen. It was recommended to me by my dermatologist and I’ve fallen in love with its hydrating, yet non-greasy, fragrance free texture!

Suncros Soft Matte Finish PA +++ SPF 50

If you are on the beach and will be spending some time in the water, protect your body with this sunscreen. It is water resistant and chemical free, containing Zinc Oxide as its sun protecting active. Thanks to this sunscreen, I managed to stave off a sunburn in Goa while spending 3-4 hours on the beach everyday for a week. Its tenacious formula stayed put on ny skin, even after water sports!

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And there you have it, my top 5 travel sunscreens. I hope you find a few picks amongst my recommendations that you can encorporate in your skincare routine! Let me know your favourites in comments below 😉

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