Namibia: Where to find Drool-worthy Food

About this post: To be very honest – some of the world’s best non-vegetarian food awaits you in different pockets of Namibia. I have sampled scores of healthy and authentic restaurants in the country and jotted down this list of culinary paradise in Namibia. Get, set, indulge!

I won’t lie to you, Namibia is a sort of a meaty country and the German influence in Namibia offers marvellous breads and cakes. The mind-blowing fusion of German, South African and traditional African cuisine surprisingly amplifies the quality of food in Namibia. Namibia is a heaven for non-vegetarian friendly tourists. For vegetarians, it’s not a mission-frickin’-impossible, for you guys to find good food though! Most lodges provide vegetarian options but it is a good idea to let them know in advance. At restaurants, at least one vegetarian option is available – fries, salads, pizza, sandwiches etc. For Indian travellers, you may find that one odd Indian Restaurant in the capital city as well, but not so much if you’re travelling around. Welcome to Namibia: the land of game meat, biltong & exquisite culinary delights! Here are some of my recommendations:


Joe’s Beerhouse, Windhoek

Situated at 160 Nelson Mandela Avenue, Windhoek, this pub promises delicious and authentic food, warm hospitality and their one-of-its-kind vibe. To feed your mind & soul cut a juicy steak, eat German eisbein or oryx schnitzel at Joe’s. I swear you won’t be disappointed! I tasted tantalising snails for the first time here, that too with cheese & garlic. Yum! This is one of the most famous restaurants in Windhoek ever. So, make sure that you grab a reservation before your arrival


Etosha Taleni Village, Okaukuejo

Located adjacent to the Etosha National Park amidst the thrill of the massive animal kingdom, this place surprisingly has a unique bar and one of the best buffet dinner experiences in Namibia. From delicious buffet breakfast with a vast selection of treats to lunch served a’ la carte to the most loved buffet dinner will leave you pampered with extensive choices of salads, grilled meats, and stir-fries. In desserts, they serve loads of options to choose from with a variety of cheese and biscuits! Their food was one of the best that I experienced throughout my trip.

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The Tug Restaurant, Swakopmund

In between the breezy Atlantic Ocean and the coarse Namibian coastline, this is a gem of Namibian cuisine and hospitality. in the middle of a camping road trip, you can obviously treat yourself with an experience of fine dining. And for that, this dining place that takes you on a special culinary adventure, local seafood and an array of South African and international wines is the perfect getaway for you. Their diverse menu includes deep-fried Camembert, Indian Kajari Melon, smoked Salmon Tartare, Oysters and local asparagus.

Mopane worms at Pepata Restaurant…Mopane worms at Pepata Restaurant…


Pepata Restaurant, Windhoek

In this age of modern advancement in the food industry, Pepata promises to conserve the original traditional taste of the Namibian cuisine. Armed with both modern and traditional menus, this eatery offers the home away from home essence. They serve interesting dishes like dried beef meat, goat/beef tripe, goat ribs and stew, Zambezi Bream, and Grilled Angelfish. You can also enjoy a glass of traditional brews like Oshikundu, Omalodu, Ombike shooter along with wines and cold drinks. I ate a side of Mopane worms and it was one of a kind experience during the whole trip! As a main dish, I tried the grilled Angelfish, and it was truly one of the best fish that I’ve ever had.

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At Pepata RestaurantAt Pepata Restaurant


The Stellenbosch Wine Bar, Windhoek


I was absolutely overwhelmed by the Wild Planets sweetest gesture when they surprised me with a fancy dinner arrangement upon successful completion of my camping adventure, route mapping, and exploration trip with them! We also popped a bottle of exquisite champagne at this point. This bistro-style restaurant presents flavorful dishes for every palate and craving. One can complement a meal of fresh and authentic dishes that emphasize on prime Namibian meat-cuts, flame-grilled to perfection with numerous choices of homemade sauces with a bottle of excellent wine. Another noteworthy point of this place is the Tuscan villa-like architecture!

While camping I cooked food for myself on the gas that came along with the camping vehicle that I got from Namibia2Go and the list of the dishes of my culinary expedition included coffee, Maggi, and even Mutton Curry! Full points to the restaurants in Namibia for sourcing high-quality local ingredients and please remember to refuse plastic straws or any other plastic component next time you visit any restaurant because responsible traveling can change the deteriorating condition of our world!

realize our actions will have consequences and most importantly, travel by respecting the environment.(20).png

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