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You cannot travel with a ceramic cup since they break quickly. So getting an enamel mug is the finest solution. For all of our lone travellers, the “Solo Mug” is the appropriate companion for a chai or coffee break on the long voyage.


Durable like the old days.

The “Solo Mug” is made of stainless steel and has an enamel coating. As a result, they are lightweight and sturdy, and will not break if dropped.

Eco-friendly and safe.

Plastic cups aren’t eco-friendly, look cheap, and could be filled with dangerous chemicals. These mugs are made of enamel-coated stainless steel, which is both safe and environmentally beneficial.

Perfect for long trips.

These mugs are not only lightweight and sturdy, but they may also be maintained on a bonfire to prepare that warm soup after a long day of hiking.

Coffee cup in a large size.

These cool mugs hold 350ml of your favourite hot or cold beverage. They are a great option for travel and may also be used for some basic household chores.

Take this mug everywhere you go! Take it on your next journey, or leave it on your desk as a source of inspiration. These mugs with a solo travel theme can always come in handy.


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