Peru Visa for Indians: Documents required, Application process, and FAQs

Peru is one of the most popular South American countries. It is the location of a chunk of the Amazon rainforest as well as Machu Picchu. With its great cuisine, unique culture, and stunning natural vistas, Peru should be on everyone’s ultimate travel bucket list.

The area surrounding Machu Picchu, including the Sacred Valley, the Inca Trail, and the colonial city of Cusco, is densely packed with ancient sites.

However, while the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu receive the most attention, there is much more to see and do in Peru if you are ready to get out there and explore.

Hike to picturesque lagoons and mountain summits tinged with rainbow colours. Visit the Amazon rainforest, deserts, and beaches. Peru is brimming with things to see and do, no matter what your interests are, from the lake to the beaches in the north to the colourful indigenous culture.

Application for Peru visa for Indians:

Applications for the Peru visas must be delivered to the Peruvian Embassy in New Delhi.

The entire process takes place offline. You have two options for doing it: in person or through a travel agency. Because doing so on your own would necessitate travel to the Embassy, it is recommended that you apply through an agency if you do not wish to visit the Embassy yourself.

Peru visa types:

  • Tourist visa: For those visiting the nation to participate in tourism-related activities.

  • Business visas: For those who are visiting the nation to do business.

  • Visit visa: For individuals visiting Peru to see relatives or friends who live there.

  • Resident visa: For those who plan to stay in the nation for an extended period of time.

Peru visa costs for Indians:

Depending on the specific type of permit, different fees apply. In addition, it may vary slightly according to currency exchange rates. The fees may be updated by the Embassy at any time and without prior notice. Therefore, make sure to verify the precise amount before beginning your application.

Recent visa cost: 2550 Indian rupees

Documents required for Peruvian visas for Indians:

  • Original passport valid for at least 6 months

  • 3 recent colour photographs

  • 2 visa application forms, completed and signed (get it from the Peruvian embassy website)

  • Occupation Proof

  • Covering letter describing the visit

  • Bank statements from the last six months, stamped and updated with a bank seal

  • Identity Proof

  • Income tax returns from the last year (Form 16)

  • Airline tickets

  • Accommodation documentation

  • Itinerary for a trip

Process Duration of Peru visa for Indians:

The processing time for a Peruvian visa typically takes 6 to 10 working days, but can even go up to 90 days.

However, depending on a number the volume of applications received at the embassy, the type of visa, its type, duration, and validity, this can vary significantly. So make sure to submit your application well in advance.

Get the Peru visa:

The Peruvian Embassy or Consulate will inform you once your application for a visa to Peru from India has been processed and the visa has been issued. Once your Peruvian visa is ready from India, you will be called to the Embassy.


When entering Peru, am I required to present a yellow fever certificate?

No, a yellow fever certificate is not necessary for travel to Peru.

Do I need travel insurance if I want to visit Peru?

Travel insurance is not required.

What time of year is ideal for travel to Peru?

The dry season, between May and October, is the best time to visit the area because the weather is dry and the days are warm.

Can I submit an online application for a Peru tourist visa?

Physical documentation must be presented as part of the Peru tourist visa application process. As of right now, there is no automated online processing. Additionally, documents delivered by courier or email will not be accepted.

How to Obtain a Peruvian Visa as a Citizen of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, or Nepal?

People from Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh can apply for a tourist visa to Peru at the Peruvian consulate in India because those embassies are connected to the Peruvian embassy in New Delhi. However, they will need to present a certificate of police clearance.

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