Top 5 Places to visit in Shillong: The Scotland of East

Are you looking for the top attractions in Shillong? Shillong is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northeast India, with a variety of exciting excursions that will make your vacation unforgettable! It is also known as the “Scotland of the East” due to its striking resemblance to Scottish European settlers.

Here are the top 5 places to visit in Shillong to experience the hill station’s ethereal beauty.

  • Cathedral Church

  • Ward’s Lake

  • Elephant Falls

  • ML05 Cafe

  • Umiam Lake

Best places to visit in Shillong:

Cathedral Church:

This cathedral is located in the Laitumkhrah locality in Shillong.  It is a significant religious location in Shillong and is well-known for its distinctive and beautiful architecture.This church, perched atop a hill, offers tranquil surroundings and spirituality.The church is perched on a hill and offers tranquil surroundings and spirituality. You’ll enjoy seeing the stained glass, the tall arches, and the incredible artwork that make it one of Shillong’s most beautiful tourist destinations.

Ward’s Lake:

Ward’s Lake, also known as Pollock’s Lake, is a great location for a picnic and is worth going to with your family. The Shillong bus station is only 3 km away from this artificial lake.A garden with flowerbeds, cobblestone walkways, and a fountain surrounds the lake. It’s a relaxing place to spend time boating in the calm waters of the lake and feeding the fish from a small bridge built on the lake.

Elephant Falls:

Elephant Falls, or the Three Steps Waterfalls, is located in upper Shillong. The elephant-shaped rock at the waterfall’s base gave rise to its name. You won’t want to leave this pristine waterfall because of the surrounding silence and crystal-clear waters.In reality, Matilang Park is connected to Elephant Falls. Locals enjoy going to the park on the weekends because of how well-maintained and green it is. However, since Elephant Falls and this park are two separate recreational areas, visitors cannot enter Elephant Falls through this park directly.

ML05 Cafe:

The ML05 cafe is about 5 minutes away from Elephant Falls. Visitors can indulge in delectable foods such as brownies, chocolate marshmallows, and many others at this cafe.The friendly staff and great service make tourists feel at ease in this place. The cafe has a beautiful atmosphere, fantastic decor, and a beautiful pine forest that surrounds it.

Umiam Lake:

Umiam Lake is surrounded by hills and is adorned with eye-catching roadways and bridges. It is a popular destination for nature lovers who come to admire the scenery.You may also indulge in exhilarating water sports such as kayaking, paddle boats, water scooters, and cruising.There are also many resorts in the tranquil lakeside woodlands where you can relax in peace.

Bonus places to visit in Shillong:

Shillong Peak:
Visit Shillong Peak, the city’s highest peak. It is situated at a height of 1961 metres above sea level and provides amazing views of the city. Shillong Peak offers breathtaking views of the Bangladeshi lowlands, the Himalayan ranges, and waterfalls.

Don Bosco Museum:
The Don Bosco Museum is one of Shillong’s well-known museums, located inside the grounds of the Sacred Heart Church. The museum provides a thorough history of the culture and history of ancient tribes. It is a seven-story structure with 17 galleries containing people, artefacts, paintings, sculptures, and other items.

Lady Hydari Park:
Another name for this park is “Phan Nonglait Park.” Orchids and a variety of floral plants can be found here. This park features a small zoo with various bird, reptile, and mammal species. A small museum with images of the region’s rare animals is also located inside the park.

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