Places to visit in Thailand

Best 5 Places to visit in Thailand in 2023

Thailand is a Southeast Asian gem with a rich culture and history. The country is renowned for its stunning beaches, delicious food, and friendly people. With nearly 39.92 million tourists in 2019, Thailand is a popular destination for short vacations and gap year travel.In this blog, we’ll cover all you need to know before visiting Thailand such as the best time to visit, facts about the country, places to stay, and the best places to visit in Thailand. So let’s get started!

Best Time to visit Thailand:

Thailand’s prime travel season runs from November to April. During this time, you will experience the most pleasant temperatures and the least amount of rain, giving you the perfect days for outdoor activities.The fact that this is Thailand’s peak travel season is the sole drawback to this period. Choose a trip to Thailand between May and October to avoid the crowds.

Best Places to visit in Thailand:

  1. Bangkok

  2. Phi Phi Islands

  3. Krabi

  4. Udon Thani

  5. Chiang Mai


Thailand’s largest city and capital, Bangkok, is renowned for its elaborate monuments and energetic street life. It is a bustling metropolis of skyscrapers, historic places, and busy marketplaces.Bangkok is home to both affordable and luxurious shopping malls. It’s also where your trip to Thailand will probably begin, so it’s a fantastic spot to start learning about the country’s rich diversity.

What to do in Bangkok?

  • The Grand Palace: You won’t want to miss this location if you’ve been to Bangkok. The Grand Palace is home to several stunning structures that showcase the country’s rich Thai architectural heritage. For many years, it served as the royal home before becoming accessible to tories. The most sacred site in the city is Wat Phra Kaew, a temple dedicated to the Emerald Buddha located in the Grand Palace.

  • Wat Pho: Right close to the Grand Palace is the Wat pho or Temple of the Reclining Buddha. It measured more than 150 feet in length and is the largest reclining Buddha statue in Thailand.

  • True Love Cafe: In Neverland in Bangkok, there is a Siberian husky cafe called the True Love Cafe. Animal lovers can enter, play with more than 25 friendly huskies (and other dog breeds) for an hour, and then have coffee and food in the restaurant for as little as 350 baht.

  • Snake Farm: The Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute is a snake farm with thousands of different types of snakes. It was established in 1923 with the goal of producing antivenom by removing the venom from snakes. Here, you may find poisonous snakes like cobras and pythons and learn everything there is to know about them from the speeches the instructors give. You can even touch some snakes and take pictures with them.

Where to stay in Bangkok?

  • Almas Hotel: It is a 4-kilometer drive from Emporium Shopping Mall and offers rooms with a fitness center, free parking, and an outdoor pool.

  • Scala Hostel: It offers free WiFi and air-conditioned lodging 2.3 kilometers from Wat Saket.

  • Pakpeanhome: Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and the Grand Palace are all 5.8 km, 6.3 km, and 6.6 km, respectively, away from Pakpeanhome. The guestroom at the inn has a balcony. A refrigerator will be available in each guest room.

Phi Phi Islands:

Phi Phi islands contain long white sand beaches and limestone mountains with peaks. It is considered one of the most naturally attractive islands in Thailand. Amazing marine life and a bunch of coral can be seen here.

What to do in Phi Phi?

  • Scuba Diving tour: There are several tour services in Kho Phi Phi Don that accompany small groups of people to scuba diving sites. The tour leader will lead you and supply diving gear so you can have an amazing encounter with marine life. You will learn a lot more and have a thrilling experience by visiting these scuba diving locations.

  • Maya Bay: Maya Bay is surrounded by limestone hills and has amazing marine life. There are many places to go snorkeling. The movie “The Beach,” which was filmed here, is what made May Bay famous.

  • Bamboo Island: Bamboo Island, often referred to as Ko Pai, is a flat island that is 600 m broad and 700 m long. It has a bamboo forest and a beach with white sand. You can enjoy overnight journeys to the island by speedboat and explore the coastline and minibars. There are lovely sandy beaches on the island’s north and east shores.

Where to stay in Phi Phi?

  • Kitty Guest House: Long Beach is 1.9 miles away, while Ton Sai Bay is 0.8 miles away. All areas of Kitty Guest House have free WiFi. This inn offers contemporary lodging with a private bathroom.

  • Dalum Beachhouse: Ton Sai Pier is around 9 minutes walk away, Ao Poh Bay is 2.6 kilometers away, and Tong Cape is 5.1 kilometers away. The home features a terrace and coastal views.


More than 150 islands make up the southern Thai province of Krabi. Beautiful natural limestone cliffs, mangrove forests, and fine white sand beaches are all found in the province. You may take a much-needed vacation from the bustle of city life by doing some of these incredible things in Krabi.

What to do in Krabi?

  • Railay Beach: From Krabi’s mainland, you must take a short boat journey to get to Railay beach. There are many rock-climbing routes in Railay Beach. Krabi is one of the most thrilling rock climbing locations in the world because of these routes.

  • Ao Nang Beach: If you want to have some fun in the evening while visiting Railay, stop by Ao Nang Beach. It is the most “westernized” beach in Krabi Province and a popular destination for tourists. This beach offers wonderful nightlife and has many hotels, restaurants, and stores.\

  • Tiger cave temple: One of Thailand’s most revered Buddhist temples is Wat Tham Sua, commonly known as Tiger Cave Temple, and it is only 3 kilometers from Krabi Town. It is well-known for the enormous golden Buddha statue, the tiger paw prints in the cave, and the strenuous walk of 1,272 steps to the Tiger Cave Temple mountain, which offers sweeping views of the surrounding countryside and the sea.

  • Krabi Elephant Sanctuary: Elephants that have worked in the logging and tourism industries are housed in the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary. Animal enthusiasts who want to learn about elephants, interact with them, and play with them in mud and freshwater lagoons should visit this location. This sanctuary does not allow riding and prioritizes the care of the elephants.

Where to stay in Krabi?

  • Jack’s Thara home: It is just an 8-minute walk from Thara Park and 1.1 kilometers from Wat Kaew Korawaram. The Gastropo Fossils The World Museum is 5.5 km away, while Krabi Stadium is 6 km away.

  • Samran Residence: It provides affordable lodging with complimentary on-site parking and free WiFi in public areas. From sites like Tam Sua Temple and Kanab Nam Mountain, it is conveniently reachable.

Udon Thani:

Northeastern Thailand’s Udon Thani is a small provincial city that preserves Thai culture and traditions. It is well-known for its orchid farms, pagodas, lakes, and big Buddhist temples.

What to do in Udon Thani?

  • The Phu Foi Lom Eco Park: The Phu Foi Lom, also called Phu Phoilom, is situated on one of Udon’s tallest peaks in the city. Here you will find some rare flora and life-size dinosaur replicas. With waterfalls and picturesque views of the countryside.

  • Sea Of Red Lotuses: One of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations is this picturesque location, which is covered in beautiful and fascinating red lotuses on lily pads. The Red Lotus Lake is best appreciated while travelling around it in a pontoon boat.

  • Phu Phra Bat Historical Park: It is well known for its numerous rock formations of different sizes and shapes and religious shrines. Here, you will learn about intriguing historical artifacts, such as 6,000-year-old prehistoric rock paintings that provide insight into former human existence.

Where to stay in Udon Thani?

  • The Cape Hotel: It offers apartments with city views, and every room has a balcony. Udon Thani Town is less than 1 km away, and the bus station is 11 minutes’ walk away. The Cape Hotel’s accommodations all come with a wardrobe and air conditioning.

  • The Resto: It offers lodging with a communal lounge, free private parking, a garden, and a patio. There is seating space in each room at The Resto. It is located 1.7 kilometres from Udon Thani Town.

Chiang Mai:

Chiang Mai also known as Chiengmai or Chiangmai, is the largest city in northern Thailand. Numerous magnificent Buddhist temples may be found there, along with the remnants of moats and walls from when it was a major center of culture and religion.

What to do in Chiang Mai?

  • Wat Suan Dok: It is a 14th-century temple famous for its numerous white chedis (pagodas). This same temple area was once used as a royal flower garden by Chiang Mai’s ruler, earning it the name Wat Suan Dok, which translates as “flower garden temple.”

  • Pai town: This small and lovely town is about 85 kilometers from Chiang Mai. It is popular with both locals and tourists because of its tourist attractions, which include a waterfall, the Pai Canyon, and the opportunity to go tubing down the Pai River.

Where to stay in Chiang Mai?

  • H Flora Hotel: In Chiang Mai, 500 m from the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, the H Flora Hotel has a garden, a terrace, and views of the garden. All of the hotel’s rooms have air conditioning, a closet, and a balcony with a view of the pool.

  • Daizy House: It provides lodging in a quiet location in Chiang Mai, around 1 km from Wat Suan Dok. Nearby are coffee shops, dining restaurants, and retail centres. Numerous attractions are conveniently located.

Fast Facts About Thailand:


Thailand’s official currency is the Thai Baht (THB). 1 TBU= ₹2.18= $0.027


 Official Thailand’s language is known as Thai. Some helpful phrases:

  • Hello = sa-wat-dee ka (female) and sa-wat-dee kap (male)

  • Thank you = kop-koon ka (female) and kop-koon kap (male)

  • Yes= Chai

  • No= Mai

Religion and Culture:

Buddhism is the official religion of the nation, and temples and shrines may be found throughout the place.

Wrap-up: Best Places to visit in Thailand:

Thailand, a destination that is on so many people’s travel bucket lists, is home to the deep jungle, temples, stunning beaches, and a metropolis that will take your breath away. We have covered all the information you need to plan the perfect trip to Thailand, including the best time to visit, facts about the country, places to stay, and the best 5 places to visit in Thailand. Have you travelled to Thailand before? Or do you intend to visit Thailand but have unanswered questions? Let’s discuss this in the comments!

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