5 Unique Experiential stays In India for your next trip!

Off late I’ve come to realize that a big part of traveling is actually where you stay. After all, it becomes your home for a few days and is such an important part of the experience! Stepping away from a work desk and the monotonous hustle demands a place to spend a few days at which you can live it up in your vacation mood – and that’s how it should be, right? But if you prefer to do something different on your upcoming vacation, and stay at a unique place, I’ve compiled a list of a few interesting ones that I’ve experienced in India! Each of these places presents a unique experience in terms of where you wake up in the morning. 🙂

Aquamarine Floating Homestay, Loktak Lake, Manipur


I visited this place recently and can you believe the floating homestay naturally shifts its location while you sleep? The southern part of Loktak Lake houses 250 Sangai (brow antlered deer of Manipur) which constitutes Keibul Lamjao National Park is an absolute traveler’s delight. The history lovers can feed their souls at INA War Museum which is seven kilometers away from this homestay. Click here to check my recommendations on what other hidden gems you can explore in Manipur.

Website: https://www.makemytrip.com/hotels/loktak_aquamarine_floating_homestay-details-moirang.html

A-frame, Varkala, Kerala


So, this property by Trip is Life is absolutely beautiful. The bedroom overlooks a private garden with trees and a beautiful sky. Accentuated with an open-air bathing area, the backyard of this homestay opens to a jaw-dropping view of the ocean and that’s the best part of it! However, do book your stay in advance, as this place tends to sell out pretty quickly. Varkala is a great spot for beach and sunset enthusiasts and this place can be a perfect haven to enjoy both. If you are visiting Varkala, check this post on activities in Varkala you can indulge in.

Website: https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/47067413?guests=1&adults=1&s=67&unique_share_id=bd8894ea-3486-42f5-9101-875d2cc43388

Manali Igloo Stay, Sethan, Himachal Pradesh


Yes! You get to sleep inside an igloo here which is quite unique I would say! You’re provided with a snug sleeping bag to sleep and keep yourself warm at night. However, the real charm of the place is the exclusive snow experience that you receive while you’re here. Open only in the winter months, this place is the kind of Narnia world that we all grew up craving. Also, while staying here, you can experience a lot of other winter adventure activities like skiing, snowboarding, camping and trekking. You could go through this post on things to do when you’re in Sethan which is indeed a fun place to be at if you love snow. It looks like your travel plans for next winter just got sorted. :’)

Website: https://www.keylinga.com/

Video: https://youtu.be/FH049_hTlVU

Rainforest Experiential Resort, Athirappilly, Kerala

Why is this place unique? Well, it’s because this place overlooks the massive and gorgeous Athirapilly waterfalls, which is truly a sight to behold because you can practically hear the falls inside your room as well. Yes, you’re that close. The main attraction in Athirappilly is the iconic Athirappilly waterfalls. My favourite part of this property was definitely the swimming pool from where you can enjoy the breathtaking view like nothing else. You can also visit the Vazhachal waterfalls when you are in the vicinity. It’s a cozy place to unwind your senses whenever you feel like taking a break.

Website: http://www.booking.com/Share-TOjtw3

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Rajputana Desert Camp, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan


I visited this place sometime back and this is a great way to experience life in the middle of a desert. An amazing getaway to witness millions of stars in the night sky and mystic sand dunes all around you. If you want to explore the charm of Jaisalmer, you could do a safari on camels or jeep and enjoy a magnificent sunset at Sam.

Website: http://rajputanadesertcamp.in/

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I can’t begin to describe how wonderful my stay was with all of these out-of-the-box, welcoming stays. Everything about them, added to the experience of my trip to these locations and I’d absolutely love for you to plan a stay here someday!
Also, have you experienced something unique like this in your travels? Let me know in the comments!

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