Buckle Up, Travelers! – Now Apply For Schengen Visa 6 Months Before Your Trip!

The desire to travel in Europe makes us dream about surreal mountains, timeless towns with cobbled lanes, quaint little cafes serving savory hot chocolate & fresh loaves of bread, mesmerizing ambiance of authentic regional culture with the Alps in the backdrop. When it comes to scoring a Schengen Visa on an Indian passport, we expect a bit of chewy experience. Well, I have a happy update for you!

84517965_3285302568152907_4518732446738513668_n.jpgThe beginning of my love affair with Marbella, Spain

From February 2020, you can apply for Schengen Visa 6 months in advance of the intended trip. It’s time to make your Europe travel dreams come true. Earlier, applicants could apply for the Visa only 3 months before the trip. These changes are implemented to ensure quicker procedures for travelers by allowing for applications to be filed up to 6 months and no later than 15 days before the trip. Also, the application form has to be filled up and signed electronically.

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Apart from making the norms easier, the authority imposed a few changes in the Visa fees. It is now 80 Euros which was 60 Euros earlier for each application. The fee for the kids in the age group of 6 to 12 has been increased as well. It has been raised to 40 Euros from 35 Euros per application.

72753007_171700473979578_6907784224839118180_n.jpgExploring one of the Schengen wonderlands!

Plus, travellers with a “positive history” may obtain a Schengen Visa with a validity of one to five years! The entire rejuvenation in the norms will be beneficial for us to plan our next long-cherished Europe trip without any last-minute rush. Unlike US, you have to make all the bookings like flight tickets, travel health insurance and hotels during lodging the application for Schengen Visa. The fees are non-refundable if visa is denied and the cancellation charges for airlines are very high closer to date of travel. It’s time to bid goodbye to all these irksome inconveniences with these welcoming new code to apply for the Schengen Visa!

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