5 Must-Visit Eateries to Taste the Best of London’s Food & Drinks

No vacation is long enough to travel to any of the Alpha Cities we have in this world! And when it comes to London, it becomes tougher as it is embellished with a barrel of museums, hot restaurants, “secret” shopping spots, and so on. If you’re planning to visit London for the first time, here I’m gonna share that most important tip with you  – LOCATION! Choose your stay within the vicinity of your hit list of non-negotiable go-to’s.

It’s totally normal if you can’t put a tick beside every activity on your tour agenda as it takes a lot of time and visits to explore a city in a wholesome way. Not a big fan of monumental museums, or the concept of ‘shop-till-you-drop’? Are voguish restaurants offering exquisite menus with an array of scrumptious dishes excite you? This is the ultimate guide for you to discover the culinary delights of London!

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Pizza Pilgrims

Honored by UNESCO, Neapolitan Pizza is the treasure delicacy by Pizza Pilgrims that you can have any time and any day during your trip to satisfy your cheese cravings! Their bready, chewy, and flavorsome options won’t disappoint the spirit of pizza maniac in you!


Offering the unskippable Bombay breakfast, lunch, dinner, chai along with late tipples across three different diners in London, Dishoom is the only place to keep the Desi foodie in you alive amidst Angrezi hustle! With the trays of abundant food in your table, you’ll jump in joy to find mouthwatering Indian dishes that too sitting in a room filled with the aroma of Sandalwood incense.

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I celebrated Christmas eve last year with my friends, Kritika & Shivesh at this local’s favorite restaurant and it was totally worth it. This place stands out for its bar with its ‘living ceiling’, exposed kitchen, the striking Sushi bar, and magnificent culinary creativity for every palate.

Caffe Concerto – Leicester Square

Cakes, delicious brunches, and live music – what else do you need to experience the marvel of English food culture? With oodles of variety in their patisserie, wine collection, lunch & dinner menu,  this place offers the perfect ambiance along with promising dining adventure!

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Maitre Choux

Relish in the best eclairs in the universe at this sweet spot of London that undoubtedly lives up to its fame of ‘Artiste Patissier’! Their Michelin-Star studded choux haul caters to every need of one’s sweet tooth. Spend your afternoon here sipping in Laurent Perrier Champagne while munching the best eclairs in the town. You will cherish the moment forever, indeed!

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