Road Trip From London – Experience UK At Its Tranquil Best With This Quirky Homestay!

More often than not you all find me exploring the unexplored pockets of any place I visit. London was no exception! I couldn’t get a better kickstart to land in 2020 if I didn’t do this London trip with my best and very special friends, Kritika & Shivesh. And we haven’t left any stone unturned to experience the thrill of every nook and cranny in and around London.


82556092_628677031008883_7314658035272024673_n.jpgDaydreaming at our homestay

The very common feature in all three of us is that we suffer from a serious ailment of itchy feet. So, after roaming around London city for few days and celebrating Christmas eve in a very pompous way, we decided to finally hit the roads! And that was the best decision we made on our entire trip.

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Goofing around with my goofballsGoofing around with my goofballs

To unwind yourself from the hectic pace and cosmopolitanism of London, an adventurous move towards the countryside is absolutely the best retreat one can ever have! I can’t put down in words and phrases how much we enjoyed the road trip that began with an impromptu decision and ended up as the most wonderful memory in our lives. As correctly said by Shivesh, “We’re a mess, but a hot mess!” Period.


After a drive of 2 hours, we reached our Airbnb and it was dark already. I won’t lie, it was a bit spooky as there were nobody and nothing around us. Just like its location, the architecture of our lodge was so unbelievably beautiful and mesmerizing. The next morning, after having some cooked scrumptious breakfast of French Toast, caramelized bananas & strawberry jam, we went out to explore more of this amazing place. We were basking in the cold breeze along the banks of Grafham Water while sipping on smooth hot chocolate. Our fun time was topped with many rounds of crazy dancing on ZNMD and other Bollywood songs! At night, we cooked some delicious Pasta and had a peaceful sleep in our stay.

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I must say, as we came close to the natural magnificence during this trip, it made us extremely productive! Shivesh shot two videos for his YouTube channel, ‘Bake With Shivesh’, Kritika shot one video for her Youtube channel and I also shot one for mine! Wow, the trip really turned out to be beneficial in so many ways.

While driving back to London the next morning, we reached Godmanchester, Well, the city does justice to its name, indeed! There is a beautiful bridge over a serene river that looked so heavenly. This medieval town left us spellbound with its majesty and charismatic enchant that we can’t still get over of. We drove back to London after having some exquisite lunch at this place.

79694411_768902826922633_9218249114866452361_n.jpgBitten by the Star Wars bug at Godmanchester

How to rent a car?

We booked our car from Hertz Rentals. If you have your Indian driving license in English then you don’t need to issue the International Driving Permit. You can drive the car with your valid driving license!

Where to stay?

You can stay at the jaw-dropping wooden lodge at Grafham, Huntingdon via Airbnb. We absolutely loved the service and amenities of this homestay. I hope, we’ll love it too!

Where to eat?

No matter wherever we are traveling to when it comes to food, Indians always crave for their native cuisine because of the strong feeling in our heart that screams – phir bhi dil hai Hindustani! We spotted this hidden gem serving delightful Indian dishes at Grafham and the eatery is called the Cinnamon Indian Restaurant.

Have you ever been on any road trip in and around London? Let me know in the comments below!

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