Namibia 14 day Road Trip Itinerary: The Master Guide to a Self-drive Adventure!

About the post: If Namibia is not on your travel radar, then you must include it right now! Because a self-drive road trip through Namibia is one of the greatest adventures you can treat yourself with to witness the epic surreal, stark and rugged natural beauty of this country. I have curated this two-week Namibia road trip itinerary that can take you to all the stupefying destinations within Namibia!

Cheetahs after eating a hearty meal!Cheetahs after eating a hearty meal!


A few days back, I witnessed wildlife up close (fed some cheetahs too), set up a camp in between intense driving, closely took pictures of hungry lions, met Himba Tribals, danced on the hood of the car near a jaw-dropping shipwreck, took an open-door helicopter experience over a desert, climbed up to one of the tallest dunes on Earth, inflated tires and clicked some pretty photos in the middle of magnificent endless landscape scenery. Sounds absolutely dreamy, right? But hey, I am extremely grateful and thrilled to pen down the fact that a self-drive road trip in Namibia, is not only possible, but also quite magnificent. Namibia might be among the most beautiful countries I have explored yet!

I have been lucky enough to spend two weeks in Namibia with my travel partner Wild Planets to witness the stupendous miracle of the natural grandeur of the country. And to help you out to plan your trip to Namibia, check out this two-weeks self-drive itinerary to explore all the best things Namibia has to offer!

A picture with a Himba ladyA picture with a Himba lady



So before the itinerary, let’s discuss the cost first. Now, Namibia can be one of the most expensive trips, if you choose to take it solo. But in a group the expenses can easily be split up and even reduced quite dramatically. Needless to say you won’t regret it at all! Here’s my complete expense sheet for a solo trip of two weeks.

Round trip flight expense from India to Windhoek: INR 75,000

Local Driver cost in Windhoek: USD 155 = INR 11,200

Accommodation cost in Windhoek: USD 100 = INR 7220 (Cheaper options are also available)
Accommodation costs in other places (optional, if you choose not to camp): USD 200 = INR 14440 (Cheaper options are available if the booking is done ahead of time)

Approximate Car rental package for two people (11 days): USD 2662 = INR 1,90,000 (Includes transport to and from the airport, fully insured vehicle which is equipped with camping gear for the entire road trip and pre-booked camping locations)

Security Deposit for Camping vehicle: USD 600 = INR 44000

Total Fuel cost (3000 km): Approximately USD 1300 = INR 93,000

Food expenses per meal per person = Approx. USD 20 = INR 1500

Camping locations booking cost: Approx. USD 30 = INR 2200 (If you don’t take up a rental package with pre-booked camp sites and book them yourselves, this is the approximate cost of camping locations with all facilities)

Note: One camping location and Camping vehicle can accommodate a group of 4 people comfortably. The expenses can be scaled down and adapted accordingly if you are travelling in a group. My best advice for saving up on the cost of trip would be, to share the fuel and rental cost in a group trip or two person trip (if you’re travelling as a couple). Additionally, rent the car separately and book camp locations on your own before the trip, instead of a package. If you wish to space out the trip and not stay in camp sites entirely, book resorts in advance too. Buying grocery locally and cooking is much cheaper than eating out. Hope this helps you plan your trip better! 🙂


Day 1: Arrive in Namibia

I flew from New Delhi and arrived at Windhoek in the month of September, with a cold welcome of 13-degree celsius. And I already could sense the majestic charm of Namibia by witnessing the desert on the way to my resort. I stayed at the very beautiful Arebbusch Travel Lodge and they provided me a personal cottage with parking space. How cool is that! They also have some cheaper tent options if you want to keep your trip on a more affordable side.

After taking some rest I went out for dinner and indulged myself in some scrumptious snails with cheese & garlic at Joe’s Beerhouse, which is one of the best rated restaurants in Windhoek. Click HERE to check out a blog on food recommendations in Windhoek.

Click on video 1 to learn about what you should do just after your arrival at the airport to have a hassle-free trip across Namibia.

69599658_348080672764929_7509401917531170234_n.jpgAt the Okapuka Ranch


Day 2: Sightseeing at Windhoek

On my second day in Windhoek, I decided to roam around the capital of Namibia. My guide and driver Isak, took me to amazing places including the National Museum of Namibia, German Christian Church, etc. Then we headed towards Okapuka-Ranch for a game drive where I saw wild animals grazing freely on the lawns! You will be extremely thrilled to see so many wild animals like Giraffes, Cheetas, Rhinos, Warthogs and many more. Here you can take paid tours like Game Drive and Cheetah feeding session.

Watch my vlog on the game drive by clicking on video 2 to know why Windhoek is a place that offers really unique experiences.

Other Attractions in Windhoek: Christuskirche, Heroes’ Acre, Alte Feste, Parliament Gardens, Avis Dam Nature Reserve, Independence Memorial Museum, Tintenpalast, Daan Viljoen Game Reserve, Reiterdenkmal, Zoo Park, National Art Gallery of Namibia, and Three Circles.

After setting up my first camp in NamibiaAfter setting up my first camp in Namibia


Day 3: Otjiwa Campsites

Distance: 257.02 KM
2:43 Hours

The next day I drove for about 250 Kms to my very first campsite of Otjiwa situated in the Waterberg Region of Namibia. I stayed in a tent mounted on a 4X4 camping vehicle by Namibia2Go that I set up by myself for the night. It was a completely enthralling experience for me!

Attractions in Otjiwa: Cheetah Conservation Fund, Crocodile Ranch, German Locomotive No 41, Okonjima, Omatjenne Dam and Waterberg Plateau Park.


Day 4: Etosha National Park

Distance: 292.20 KM
3:30 Hours

One of the massive safari destinations in Africa is the wildlife paradise of Etosha National Park. Epic game viewing of the rare black rhino, elephants, giraffes, antelope, zebra, lions etc. in the semi-arid region with several waterholes, promises a lifetime experience. I was supposed to stay at one of the park’s major campsites of Halali. But due to some delays I spent the night at Taleni Etosha Village


Day 5: Etosha South

Distance: 69.35 KM
1:10 Hours

Located at the southern boundary of Etosha National Park, Ongava Private Game Reserve offered me a view of picturesque landscape full of wildlife. My accommodation was at Okaukuejo Resort at Etosha South and I observed wildlife and magnificent sunset viewing at it’s best.

Click on Video 3 to watch my activities in Etosha National Park.

Attractions in Etosha National Park: Fort Namutoni, Rietfontein, Fairy Tale Forest, San Bushmen Tribe, Etosha Pan, Waterholes, Camping & Wildlife.


Day 6: Opuwo

Distance: 458.45 KM
4:58 Hours

After an exhausting 7 hours long drive, I reached Opuwa and this place is surrounded by really exhilarating landscapes. This was originally not a part of the itinerary. But here I had an amazing time with the Himba tribe and interviewing them was such a fulfilling experience. You must not miss this opportunity to learn about the eccentric Himba Community and the surreal Kunene Region in Namibia.

I have documented the Himba lifestyle and the beauty of Opuwo in Video 4. Do Watch it!

Attractions in Opuwo: Hiking & Biking Trails, Himba Culture, Kaokoland, Kunene River, Epupa Falls, Hartmann & Marienfluss Valley.


Day 7: Damaraland

Distance: 425.32 KM
4:55 Hours

Scenic open plains, rock formations, ancient valleys make Damaraland the most beautiful region in Namibia. Sacred Spitzkoppe, the Brandberg, and others are the major attractions. I was staying at Madisa Camp and enjoyed hiking around the campsite.

If you have time, you should not miss the ancient rock art of Damaraland and an expedition to know about Sun People and the famous paintings by their ancestors.

Attractions in Damaraland: Twyfelfontein Rock Engravings, Spitzkoppe, Tsisab Ravine, Phillips Cave, Messum Crater, Petrified Forest, Numas Ravine, Kristall Kellerei Winery, Burnt Mountain, Dinosaur Footprints, Franke Tower, and CmArte Gallery.


Day 8-9: Swakopmund

Distance: 279.26 KM
3.31 Hours

Beautiful architecture, language, and food that reflects German culture prominently makes this place extremely attractive. I had stayed at Tiger Reef Campsite, and camping here was so much fun! On my way to Swakopmund, I visited a visible shipwreck, the Zelia. And I can’t even put down my joy and emotions about how amazing the experience was! This is where I took the liberty of dancing on the hood of my car by the ocean. Such an enthralling experience.

Attractions in Swakopmund: Jetty, National Marine Aquarium, Goanikuntes, Cosdef Arts & Culture Centre, Peter’s Antiques, Woermannhaus, Moon Landscape, Marine Memorial, Bahnhof, and Old German Cemetry.


Day 10-11: Sossuvlei

Distance: 552.50 KM
7:33 Hours

I rejuvenated myself at Sossuvlei Resort after a very long & tiring drive and then went out to explore the grandeur of this place. I took a helicopter ride over the Namib desert and the open door feature in it was just mind-blowing. I can’t stress enough how incredible this place is! Then I hiked to two towering sand dunes – Dune 45 & Deadvlei. Few words can describe what it felt like to stand at the top of these dunes and to take pictures in front of fossilised Acacia trees.

Attractions in Sossuvlei: Sesriem Canyon, Hidden Vlei, Elim Dune, Duwisib Castle, Hot Air Ballooning, Namib Naukluft Park, NamibRand Nature Reserve, Olive Trail, Solitaire, Waterloof Trail & Tok Tokkie Trail

Deadvlei, SossuvleiDeadvlei, Sossuvlei


Day 12: Aus

Distance: 138.81 KM
2:05 Hours

I left Sossuvlei to go to Aus, an electrifying small village with botanical diversity. My stay at Klein-Aus Vista Desert Horse Campsite was absolutely amazing. The main attraction of this place feral horses galloping freely in the Namib desert. You can take a hike here to watch unique flora & fauna. And I must take a moment to appreciate the scrumptious food here!

Attractions in Aus: World War I Graves, Prisoner-of-War Camp, Dicker Wilheim, and Gondwana Sperrgebeit Rand Park.


Day 13: Stampriet

Distance: 508.03 KM
4:31 Hours

Before leaving for Stampriet, I visited the Ghost Town in Kolmanskop which used to be a growing town about 100 years ago. This place was popular for the diamond trade and abundant diamonds available in the sands here. Surprisingly, one day all the diamonds vanished and the residents left the town. It was such a thrilling experience to roam around this mysterious abandoned town! After the detour, witnessing a really small rural town of Stampriet over the banks of the Auob River with memorials & battle sites of war with Germans, was an absolute delight.

Attractions in Stampriet: Fish River, Wildlife Safaris, Hardap Dam &Gross Nabas.

At Hardap, NamibiaAt Hardap, Namibia


Day 14: Back in Windhoek

Distance: 271.71 KM
3:21 Hours

I drove back to Windhoek on empty gravel roads with spectacular views. On the last day, I was too tired to do anything in Windhoek. I spent the day eating local food and shopping exciting souvenirs for my friends and family. Sadly, my Namibia road trip came to an end.

If you have any doubts regarding the road trip in Namibia, write down in the comments below! Also, if you’re Indian and are wondering how you may secure a visa for Namibia, read this blog post HERE


Did this itinerary give you a punch of adrenaline rush?

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