Travel Content Creators In a Post Pandemic World As We Intrude Into A New “Normal”

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking a horrendous toll on each and every section of humankind, the travel & tourism fraternity remains as one of the most affected one. Now that traveling has vanished from our lives, for now, travel influencers are making the best utilization of time by looking for newer aspects of content creation and revamping their existing content. I caught up with my fellow travel creators to get their inputs on the current situation and how they are coping with the “new normal” professionally and most importantly, mentally.

Swearing by the theories of evolution, Deepanshu Sangwan aka Nomadic Indian adapted to the brand new pandemic world in just 10-15 days since the lockdown started. “During this lockdown, people went through hell and especially migrant workers, I always thought that I’m really lucky – I’m with my family & still earning some amount of money which was enough to survive. I also donated some amount of money & time. These things helped me in dealing with the current situation” he says. The extreme traveler & hitchhiker is reworking his content strategy and even opened a new YouTube channel to try his hands on new things.


Nomadic Indian with his Nani (omg, how cute she is!) post lockdownNomadic Indian with his Nani (omg, how cute she is!) post lockdown

With some of the domestic and international destinations opening up for tourists, some people went gaga over the decision and some people completely opposed the move by the governments. On asking about the same Sangwan said, “They have to, otherwise, a lot of people will suffer & there is no hope for the vaccine at-least for six months. Even if we found vaccines today it will take around 1-2 years for mass production, patents, pricing & distribution. Sooner or later we have to face the virus, there are families that will be killed by financial problems before the virus. We have to open the economy otherwise there will be chaos”, Deepanshu commented.

On the other hand, Radhika Nomllers is in no mood to dive into any other genre of content creation on Youtube & Instagram as of now. Her focus is to oomph up the SEO of her blog, Nomllers so that more people could consume her content when travel hits the restart button again. She has been dealing with mental anxiety during these dire times with meditation and by preventing herself from consuming too much news regarding the pandemic. I have to agree with her because even I personally meditate regularly to escape from all the chaos around, and it really helps! Radhika on the other hand is taking her game of personal development a notch higher by watching tonnes of videos on YouTube to learn the importance of journaling, intermittent dieting, and anything that can improve her overall well-being. “When things will return to normalcy, a good mental headspace and better immunity will always work in my favor”, she added.

Radhika NomllersRadhika trying “new” things during the lockdown

With a plan to launch a brand new podcast in her content planning map, Kritika Goel took this period of time as an opportunity to learn something new & teach others as well. Kritika has geared to focus more on the lifestyle genre of her Youtube channel as travel is not gonna happen anytime soon. She took a number of online classes to take up new skills & even learned illustration during the lockdown. How cool is that! Her belief in the old saying ‘save something for a rainy day’ made her sail through the financial doldrums we all have been faced with currently. Her Lightroom preset products helped her to generate a good income as well. By keeping her mind sane with meditation & workouts, she is planning to take online classes on video editing, photography and social media business very soon.

Kritika Goel spreading Ninja Turtle Vibes & creativity!Kritika Goel spreading Ninja Turtle Vibes & creativity!

Shramona Poddar presented us with two heartwarming passion projects on Instagram called #MishtiandMemes & #MishtiXCommunity that are nothing less than rays of optimism & virtual cheerful escapes from our grinding lives. Shramona took her Instagram to reach people’s hearts & console their juggling emotions during these dire times. Her thoughtfully created captions are something we can always relate to, always! Recalling her learnings from an Instagram live where she came to know how different colors can be mixed to get a new color, Shramona feels happy to see people becoming so active to do what they love & coming with out-of-the-box creations.  When asked about the future impact on the travel industry, she said – “Local travel will increase a lot. People will be more interested to visit AirBnbs than hotels”. She hopes we take this as a lesson to travel more responsibly from now on & realize our actions will have consequences and most importantly, travel by respecting the environment.

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Deepanshu, Radhika, Kritika & Shramona convergently concluded that things will be of course better in the future with a slight tint of skepticism that screams “Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai!” I hope their valuable inputs exhibited a sneak peek on what travel influencers are actually going through and how they are battling with the odds for a brighter tomorrow!

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